Jae Lee

Photograph taken by Bootcamp Student James

Meet with our Mentor, Founder and CEO, Jae Lee. He offers consultations and best practices on the way to becoming a fully developed full stack developer. He gives the most practical ways to approach to the problems, and provides paths so a person be able to think themselves out of the problems.

Compared to the other practices, the way Jae Lee goes with his teaching is that, he prompts the student to learn the material on his own, so he will get used to struggle, debugging, and finding his own way out of problems. This is the essential niche of being a programmer.

These days the React is on the rise and JavaScript is becoming more and more popular. While knowing that it isn't simply easy for a fresh beginner's to get a good grip on them easily, especially for people without a background in CS degree. It takes time to do things, and Jae Lee knows that, as himself being a Self-Taught dev who walked the walk, he is more mature with his advices and practices to the beginners and more down to earth.

He also believes in working together with teams, working with %20 help and %80 student effort is mostly the best way to learning, however providing the good and correct direction, and showing the pragmatical path is essential to learning and improvement in coding journey. He created a Discord group where Programmers can interact with each other and help each other out.

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