We've created 3 types of packages for all kinds of developers who has different needs and specific instructors, according to their level, expertise, and where they currently are in their journey.

Regular Membership

  • Weekly Video Lessons.

  • Being able to ask questions and communicate on Discord to Other Devs and to Mentors.

  • Giving you a basic structure for what to learn and do according to where you are for the best efficient way of improving towards being a dev.

Most swift success ratio

Premium Membership

  • Offers all the benefits of Regular & Advanced Membership Packages.

  • Giving you the chance to join our group projects and assessing you the proper to-do-lists and instructions for your role in project and providing you to see the real world team group simulation with Trello Boards, Group Discord Communication between Team, and interacting with other developers of the project.

  • Mostly known and accepted as best way of learning by the experienced developers, which is called Learning by Doing, this name suits most for this package.

  • Heavy use of Github, Git between the team members pushes you to get the most by learning how to use those commands so you can use very easily in the future in your group projects. Which gives you the huge boost of advantage compared to other devs.

  • Being able to work with highly motivated people, or people who are more experienced, will keep you pushing yourself forward.

Advanced Membership

  • Offers all the benefits of Regular Membership.

  • Weekly 1 on 1 Live Session with one of the Mentors of your choosing.

  • Mentor giving you a path according to your capabilities, and providing you the correct mindset to adopt while learning. He assists you when you meet a certain obstacle, bug or error via DM if necessary. He gives you which Frameworks to learn and follow according to your unique personal likes, abilities and where you're in your journey.

Frequently asked questions

Why should we pick JS.Social over other courses?
JS.Social is different inherently by the way it approaches learning & teaching. The idea here is that the student learns by itself. However as it is more important that the direction of the wind blow than if the wind blows or not, your direction is very important too.
What you do when there's no Mentor active on Discord?
You follow the instructions laid by your main mentor at the start of your membership. As a general start point, the Mentor according to your Membership Package draws a Path for you and you're expected to walk the walk and code the code. :)
How fast can I learn ?
Swiftness varies person to person however, we want you to aim to the highest and not satisfied with just basic bare entry levels. That is why we created Premium Package, so that the students could improve upon just the bare Basic Entry and become really efficient dev on their own so they could start freelancing or do other projects on their own than just becoming a junior developer.
How can I approach this course so I can get the most benefit?
In a mindset of explorer, persistent, stubborn mindset is what you need. The road may get rough, bumpy at times, but if you persist through that hardness you will get confidence in your abilities. Programming is solving problems and generating solutions quickly, to be able to get that level, you will have to persist when you can't.
What happens after I finish this course?
There's no end time for the course you can expand your Membership whenever it ends, or upgrade it to a more advanced one. However even if you finish our smallest package for a month, we believe you will have a great value from that course and will be informed in a good level.
Will Mentors help me with my Portfolio ?
You will be able to put the Group Projects to your portfolio if you've taken the Premium Membership, and that will make you standout at high level ! Other than that our Front End Mentor Team will inspect your Portfolio and will give you the most realest sector-level headed advice to improve upon.

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