IntroducingFull Stack Path Program in Detail

The Schedule will be also be given at the below, now it is time to explain our project, our aim and what you can expect from us at below.

Our aim is to teach JavaScript both in Backend and Frontend make the Student become efficient as possible in little time as possible.JavaScript is counted as one of the most Popular programming language nowadays. With its Frameworks, when a person learns to use them efficiently, it will improve both his programming knowledge incredibly and his career. Nowadays React (in the Front End) and Node.js (in the Back End) are wanted everywhere in the world, whether as a Remote job, or not, there are hundreds of possibilities if you know what you're doing. And our aim here is to prepare to you to the level that you know what you're doing.

  • There will be a 5 month long Journey till you reach to the Full Stack level at least. With required time and practice then everything happens.
  • You will be learning many frameworks of JavaScript and CSS. That means you have to prepare yourself and give yourself fully.
  • Things will take time to learn, just dedicate yourself and follow the Path that is given you by your Mentor.

The Mentors will be assigned to you according to your needs and expertise and where you are in your Path. Those chosen mentors will give you a Path that you will be following, what to learn next, what to practice next, how to use a Framework or Language, how to approach things, the mindset you have to follow, basically all the things you need, they will explain and guide. But you will have to put the work. This is not a Magic course.

From beginner to expert in 5 months

Things will take time but if you dedicate yourself to this Course and to listen to the Mentors fully and practice what is being learned according to the instructions, and finish the Final Project at the 5. Month, you will become a great Developer.

No great thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.
- Epictetus

Immerse yourself in the wonderful and creative world of JavaScript and reap the benefits for your career. It starts now.

Mentor Jae Lee in 1 on 1 Live Session.

Everything you need to get up and running

In the below Path Schedule, Monthly Material and Course aim will be explained very clearly. To also mention about them a bit here in the 1. Month we will be diving deep into the Basics of Web Development which is HTML, CSS and of course Git, after learning and practicing these we will dive into the 2. Month material Front End, Front End is the Gate of Web Development and almost everything goes pass through here, if you learn and practice that with vigor, you will get good in no time. We will be teaching and giving you instructions and materials related to learning the JavaScript Framework React, and React Framework Next.js, and some CSS Frameworks Material UI and TailwindCSS, this will be the hardest month and obstacle of your coding journey, however yet if you pass this one, the brakes will fall of and you will go full speed to becoming a Dev.

On th 3. Month we will be going into the other side of the coin which is the Backend, Backend is where the logic behind the screen happens, the Database, Logical coding and creating Algorithms to make every operation smooth and without a problem, Error Handling, User Authentications, and many more.


“When I came upon Mentor Jae Lee, I had no idea about Javascript, I only knew it by name. After spending 4-5 months with him. I was skilled in both Backend and Frontend, and I was already doing what a Fullstack dev was doing. I deployed many apps, created from scratch, joined and collaborated with the team. I've built a Portfolio and created Full Stack apps after the course.”

Mert Efe
JS.Social Graduate Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer Path Schedule

We make from Zero to Hero Developers with each course.
Join us on this journey, and earn your place amongst the developer community.

1. & 2. Months

Moving into the uncharted territories

Front End
( HTML, CSS, Git, React, Next.js, Tailwind, Material UI )

Start the Journey!

What's included

  • Diving into the HTML & CSS and creating your first web design-page.
  • Learning Git commands and learning to push your code into a repo first time.
  • Learning React Framework as the biggest step of your career we don't put our foot into the brakes but as the opposite, we push harder into the territory. We learn Next.js as a framework of React, and learn the biggest styling frameworks of CSS for React. This will be a hell of a month!
  • This is the real breakthrough into the more rich web development. A real step into becoming a real Dev.

3. Month

Becoming the Dev

( Nest.js , Express, Postgres and TypeORM )

Start the Journey!

What's included

  • In this month we delve right in into the last piece of the Full Stack Web Development and learn to generate a Full Stack Application with completing the Backend Knowledge.
  • By learning these technologies, now we are able to create a Database, create a Server in Backend, learn how to write appropiate code to give API to Frontend, and many exquisite functions of the Backside.
  • As the one of the most useful steps of Web Development, the Backend completes the circle, and within that completion usually Students have a revelation which is that it clicks in their mind to see through between the connections of Web Applications in a full big picture. This helps students to write more efficient and enjoyable code because now they understand what they are actually building and how things are working.

4. & 5. Months

Going that extra mile into the finish line...

Extra + Projects
( Learning the DevOps - Docker, Linux and Cloud AWS)

Start the Journey!

What's included

  • Real-world projects that lets you create a fully functional SaaS application which includes features such as signup, sign-in (SSO), payments using Stripe, admin pages, etc.
  • Learning the most popular and most used DevOps tools and getting that last mile into your knowledge storage to becoming the Full + Full Stack Developer.
  • With the Projects you emphasize what you've learned so far and get it into the real practice where you can see how much you've retained and learned through this course, this is emphasized as the most important step and month by our Mentors.

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